Extension 2010
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The conversion/extension of the Larmachalm brought with it some challenges, in the transporting of building material to over 2,000m above sea level and in altering the structural calculations for the cantilevered terrace. The terrace, with seating for about 1,000 and a glass front, offers breathtaking views of the surrounding 3,000m peaks and the Durlaßboden reservoir. An open barbeque on the terrace makes culinary delicacies accessible. The new lounge with an open box-fire connects alpine traditions with modern designs. Leather elements in warm tones create a comfortable spot to pass the time. The visible ceiling beams in the bar area and the adjacent open parlours give a cosy flair. A slide to take people from the ground floor to the toilets is a true highlight, and provides extra entertainment. In front of the cabins, a ski-rack has been carved into the forms of many woodland animals.


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Extension 2010